Tanyshia G.

The WWP Networking  Development Series is the perfect platform for like- minded women to unite, share resources, and learn strategies that will elevate your “game”  both personally and professionally.   When I attended my first session, I immediately gained a sense of female empowerment, black girl magic, and the breaking of that infamous  “glass ceiling”.   WWP manifests positive energy, positive minds, positive vibes. When your purpose is found, NOTHING can hold you back! I can wait participate in the 2017 series!

Omama M.

When I first heard of Women with Purpose I said, FINALLY!!  An organization that's catered to women of color who are professionals. The first seminar was powerful, dynamic, and I walked away feeling better as a woman of color! I built great relationships with women who wanted to better themselves and empower women, WOMEN WITH PURPOSE!! I followed up with each woman I met, and got a few clients out of it. Women who want to be around a group of women who believe, empower, influence, and encourage each other, need to be apart of Women With Purpose. This is one of the best organizations/seminars catered to women I've been to in a long time. I've been to many seminars, and continue to go to seminars, but not every seminar is for women with a purpose, a vision, a plan, a heart, and a place to feel complete acceptance.

Keneil A.

Women with Purpose provided solid support for me to network with other women with a desire to make an impact on the business world. I have to admit that I do not have a business background and I was an amateur at networking and negotiating my way through business. The Boston Women with Purpose workshop was inspirational and gave me added confidence to make vital connections to build my personal brand. 

Bianca S.

I always knew that Women with Purpose was going to be something great, but what ended up happening was extraordinary. The feeling of being in a room full of  women of all different ethnicities and backgrounds who care about their careers was empowering! It was moving and something I will never forget. I am proud to say that I used the content about negotiating for a higher pay raise for a job I recently got. And guess what? I got that raise. Women with Purpose taught me to 'ask and you shall receive'. I belong, I am equal and I am a woman.

Laurie N.

I enjoyed attending the Women with Purpose seminars. It was great to network and connect with women who are on similar journeys as I am. The seminars gave me an extra boost of confidence to pursue some very important career goals. The seminars solidified that I am on the correct path to fulfilling my life's purpose.

Since the seminar I have kept in touch with a few of attendees and established great relationships. I started to revamp my non profit organization- Divine and Health and Wellness, I've incorporated my Event Planning business- Tres Chic Designs and I'm now pursuing my MBA at Babson College. It is great that such seminars exist for women have a desire to fulfill their life's purpose in the best way possible. I am looking forward to many more "Women With Purpose" seminars.

Ramatu K.

I gained so much insight and knowledge from the “Women with Purpose seminars”, but the most valuable gift was courage. At the April seminar, I listened to Jessica Porter speak about negotiation- something I feared and lacked experience with. Her presentation gave tips, strategies and great talking points to use in various negotiation scenarios. I was able to implement what I had learned and have the courage to request an out of state office transfer. My boss approved my request and I was able to transfer from Boston, MA to Washington, DC. I was able to make my dreams come true and now work in our nation’s capital, and this would have never been possible without Women with Purpose!

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2018 Seminars

Seminars are held from 10am-2pm at Suffolk University Law School


Saturday- March 2nd, 2018 :

- Rise & Thrive: Intersectionality in the workplace & the Impostor Syndrome-



Saturday- April 6th , 2018 :

- Art of Negotiation & Financial Empowerment- 

Saturday- May 4th, 2018 :  

- Entrepreneurship & Exploring non-traditional industries-

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